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Виробник Petrie вже на ринку 150 years, beautiful riding boots are a great way to finish a stylish outfit. Все сапоги Petrie изготовлены из самых высококачественных материалов самыми искусными мастерами Голландии обеспечивая идеальный фит. However, outstanding quality is not all we’re offering you. Since riding boots are used to show off a rider’s personality and make a statement, our collection consists of unique and highly adaptable designs to suit every rider’s personal taste. In this way, we hope to help you present yourself in a way that suits your personality.

Сочетая в себе комфорт и эстетику, Petrie designs characteristic riding boots to suit any situation. From a relaxed ride in the countryside, to that most impressive moment upon entering the ring. Unparalleled beauty, at a glance. Simply striking. And striking in its simplicity. While never compromising quality: every pair of riding boots is made of carefully selected calfskin or cowskin, and crafted until the perfect fit is attained.


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